Product of Culture (#POCNation) empowers South Asian creatives and innovators to grow and thrive globally.


As a culture-impact platform, we aim to catalyze, navigate and advocate a new generation of South Asian creatives and innovators.

Led by our belief of an entrepreneurial world with no borders, we are building stronger bridges between our thriving community of entrepreneurs globally. We provide our community with resources such as strategic partnerships, education, access to capital, identifying target markets, expert mentors and exposure to key stakeholders.

Based in Chicago with operations in New York City and Los Angeles, Product of Culture is founded by Archana Jain and Monika Sharma and powered by Abhinav Gupta, Mileen Patel, Nehaa Haneef and Sreejith Nair.


I love every person I meet at these things, they all have something interesting to say about where they’re at in their specific journeys. I always walk away learning a lot and feeling closer to the creative community as a whole.
— Atif Ateeq on the POP x POC Project

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